Past Royalty

Date Theme King Queen
2022 Once Upon a Time Anthony Grieco Giuliana Renda
2020 Color Your World Erik Youngblood Katherine Wood
2019 Treasures of the Sea Joe Fazzio Jenna LaBruzza
2018 A Stroll in the Park Frederick Guy Fleming, Jr. Madeline Jane Magee-Cheramie
2017 Carrollton Jukebox Joe Larocca Kelly Van Geffen
2016 A Krewe for All Seasons Lee Cotaya Shannon Lundin
2015 A Night at the Opera Mark Terral Kathleen Garitty White
2014 Carrollton Goes Two by Two Chris Bode Shelley Schexnayder
2013 Laissez les Bon Temp Rouler John Echeverri Alexandra Pfefferle
2012 Celebrate Louisiana Kirk Leonard Ashley Michelle Cuccia
2011 Broadway on Parade William Taylor, III Andre’a Michelle Foote
2010 It’s a Small World David Bruce Rachel Cuccia
2009 A Fair to Remember Leonard J Rizzo Erin Marie VanGeffen
2008 Name That Tune Ralph Romaguera Katherine Elise Dileo
2007 Celebrate Good Times John Williamson Ashleigh Nicole Foote
2006 Ball: They All Asked for You
Parade: Blue Roof Blues
Carroll Denis VanGeffen, Jr. Heather Marie Haydel
2005 A Quest for History Dino Nash Liddy Romaguera
2004 Streets on Parade Richard Catoire Brittni Williamson
2003 Childhood Memories Dr. Ronald Aslett Laura Ashley Cotaya
2002 Splendors of Nature Morris Daniels Ashley Elaine Schiavi
2001 A Musical Odyssey Jim Falter Carol Keene Romaguera
2000 A Family Affair Gregory J. Bruce Maurina Ann LaRocca
1999 Through the Years Capt. John Stanton White Leslie Jeanne Slaton
1998 Carrollton Shoots the Movies Clement Joseph (Rusty) Buckman Catherine Steele Dunn
1997 Believe It or Not Albert Peter Bode, Jr. Alison Marie Bode
1996 Carrollton Salutes Famous Americans William LaGrange, Sr. Lori Angela Carroll
1995 Carrollton Travels the USA Wayne Michael Lee Lena Marie Nuccio
1994 70 Years of Nostalgia Willis John Williams, Jr. Erin Martin Bruce
1993 Famous Fairy Tales Raymond August Melan Amanda Anna Livaudais
1992 Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans? Warren W. Wingerter, Jr. Aline Marie Williams
1991 Follow Your Dreams Frank Joseph Knecht, III. Ramona Diane Williamson
1990 Memories Joseph Michael Livaudais Paula Ruth Catoire Foote
1989 Festivals of North Louisiana Joseph Scott Knecht Rachelle Halligan Livaudais
1988 Cities and Parishes of South Louisiana Allen I. Boudreaux None
1987 Truly American Baptiste Debroy Rebecca Plaisance
1986 The Best of Everything Edward L. Crochet, Jr. Shannon Maureen Fitzmorris
1985 Magical Moments in Music Michael J. Bowler Julie Beth VanGeffen
1984 As Time Goes By Richard A. Hamilton, Sr. Lydia Ann Bailey
1983 Cinema Classics Emile P. Miller Pamela Mary Villarrubia
1982 Wonders of the Sea John J. Sehrt, Jr. Pamela Ann VanGeffen
1981 Around the World with Songs Salvador F. Centanni, Jr. Francesca Marie Cuccia
1980 Holidays James C. Farrelly Lisa Marie Fitzmorris
1979 A Tribute to the Sunbelt States Joseph David Cantalano, Sr. Darni Dale Jordan
1978 The Four Seasons John Francis Karl Marlene Caldarera
1977 Toys Vincent Arena Lisa Restivo
1976 We the People O.J. Viviano Renee VanGeffen
1975 Theatre Tunes – Ladies and Lovers Merrith Karl Gia Rabito
1974 It’s 50 Years Percy Chatelain Kathleen VanGeffen
1973 The Golden Years of Broadway John Minor Kim VanGeffen
1972 Songs to Remember George VanGeffen Rebecca Heaton
1971 Silver Memories Forrest R. Singer Bridget Heaton
1970 Tales of History and Legend Edward John Ziegler Shelley VanGeffen
1969 The Sciences Anthony A. Campo Jo Ann Campo
1968 Saga of the Mississippi Joseph P. Aucoin Bonnie Lee Tunstall
1967 Highlights of American History William James Lee, Jr. Karen Ruth Richard
1966 Reveries Over a Scrapbook Walter Gemeinhardt Marie Margaret Mouton
1965 The Eternal Cycle Louis D. Haeuser Lurline Linda Watts
1964 Romantic Melodies Carroll Denis VanGeffen, Sr. Margaret Paul
1963 Myths and Legends Martin J. Paul, Jr. Karen Kaye Smith
1962 The Immortal Works of Victor Herbert William B. Gatipon, Sr. Melba Martin
1961 Memories of a Concert Hall Earl A. Noble, Sr. Linda Lee Normand
1960 The Nutcracker John Joseph Matranga Jeannine Claire Matranga
1959 Fantasy Land Russell Leonard Cuoco Carole Andree Cuoco
1958 The Glittering Festival Fred J. Husser Shirlee Gagliano
1957 Best Loved Poems Manuel B. Zabala Lorraine Centanni
1956 Bluebird Frank C. Saporito Barbara Mae Braud
1955 Toyland After Midnight William A. Long, Sr. Joy Ann Cuoco
1954 Between the Bookends Joseph B. Exnicios Rose Mary Gambino
1953 Wedding Anniversaries John Mailhes Yvette Anne Guillot
1952 Nature’s Colorful Realm Dennis Rufin Joy Ann Scheuring
1951 Scenes of Beauty Salvador F. Centanni, Sr. Myra Centanni
1950 The Rise and Fall of King Winter Lucien Roland Mildred Mary Long
1949 Holidays Around the World Evertt Marks Beth O’Neill
1948 Favorite Songs of the American Past Adrian A. Arnaud Mary Elise Exnicios
1947 Fantasy of Fairy Tales John C. Ackermann Ada Ruth (Mrs. Joseph) Rebaudo
1946 No Parades or Balls N/A N/A
1945 No Parades or Balls N/A N/A
1944 No Parades or Balls N/A N/A
1943 No Parades or Balls N/A N/A
1942 No Parades or Balls N/A N/A
1941 Ancient Lands Lionel L. Janes, Jr. Doris Dell
1940 The Kingdom of Nature William Ahten Claire Seeman
1939 Rhymes William C. Gravlin Beatrice Triche
1938 Holidays William McKnight Mary Ann Dayteen
1937 The Legend of the Masques Henry Heaton Margie Kampen
1936 Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp Charles R. Spahr Addie Riera
1935 Unknown Herman H. Seeman Ferdinand Talbot
1934 Unknown Edwin Heaton Estelle Severina
1933 Happy Dreams John B. Kramer Edwina Heaton
1932 The Voice of the Air Joseph B. Exnicios Cecile Twiggs
1931 The Land of Art Aubrey C. Heumann Geneviene Hahn
1930 The Call of the Redmen John Cozzo Dolly Woods
1929 The Land of Nippon William Betz, Sr. None
1928 Unknown M. George DeLucas None
1927 Unknown P. H. Lane None
1926 Unknown James B. Humphreys None
1925 Unknown Lawrence M. Thom None
1924 No Theme – Marching Club John Fordyce None